Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (2023)

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (3)

by Milko Trajcevski

November 11, 2022

UPDATED: We’ve reviewed and updated our findings on best discord servers for crypto in Q1 2023.

Accessible, timely information has proven to be one of the most sought-after assets in the crypto industry. Discord is one of the most effective ways for crypto enthusiasts to get access to that timely information. In fact, crypto Discord groups are the arenas where some of the most important crypto news drops first.

While Discord may not be as popular as Twitter or YouTube, it has extra features which now attract crypto lovers. Formerly a chat app built for gamers to communicate, Discord has evolved and now offers interactive forums that provide useful information while allowing members to participate in in-depth conversations.

Regardless of your level of knowledge about crypto, the subchannels on Discord have proven to be a great tool for acquiring information, asking questions, and exchanging ideas.

If you are into cryptocurrency to invest, looking for the next altcoin going to the moon, learning about emerging concepts, or building a project or trade, chances are high that several crypto Discord subchannels meet your needs. All you need to do is join them.

Why Join A Crypto Trading Group?

Excellent Source Of Information

Crypto Discord groups are an excellent source of information on anything from crypto coin exchanges to opportunities for free crypto. These servers are essentially a bottomless source for information on all things crypto. In many ways, these servers are the states that make up the crypto nation.

Aside from that, these servers are an avenue for founders to drop timely news and updates. The cryptocurrency market is extremely dynamic, and anything can happen at any time. That is why the best crypto Discord servers are always busy with tracking information from all around the world.

They Are Easy To Navigate

Ordinarily, one would imagine that using a Discord server would be difficult. After all, there is a huge amount of information being sent into these groups constantly. This could cause information overload.

However, if you have used Discord servers before you will know that it is very easy to catalog and navigate the message boards, even with all that information pouring in.

Opportunities To Network

Lastly, if you are in a crypto Discord group you have access to an excellent trading community where you can mingle with people who have similar interests. These fellow crypto enthusiasts can help if you need further assistance with investing, trading, or literally anything else in the field.

You could even connect with influencers who have a massive following on social media. These influencers often like to speak with like-minded individuals and are often experienced analysts and serious traders. They can give you detailed analysis about risk management, teach you how to earn money in crypto via multiple channels, and provide you with educational resources.

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Premium Membership

There are many private servers that provide elite crypto signals that are not free. If you want to be in those private Discord groups, you might have to pay. However, it may well be worth it as these channels are where the more serious discussions occur. You will have access to other VIP members who are most certainly whales in their own domain.

Or you could even just create your own crypto Discord group if you think you are up to it. But if you have your own group, or your own server, you will also be responsible for other users. You will have to prevent spammers and will have to decide whether you want premium members, or you want to be part of the public servers.

Now that you know why you might need to join a community on crypto, here are ten you should know about.

1. The AXION Crypto-Community

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (4)

Axion is a fast-growing Discord channel that thinks of its members as more of a family than as customers. Axion gives its members an open platform to discuss their trades and investments, plus the ability to get expert advice and analysis.

The group is particularly popular for providing premium trade signals, along with entry and exit points in a given trade. There is also guidance on how to execute trades and investments.

Join AXION Crypto-Community on Discord

2. Cryptohub

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (5)

This one may be the best crypto Discord server for beginners looking to gain their footing in the industry. Cryptohub specializes in guiding beginners in the right direction.

The group also helps to direct members to other helpful crypto communities and trustworthy exchanges. Since they provide tons of free signals, they are the perfect community for beginners.

Join Cryptohub on Discord

3. Elite Crypto Signals

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (6)

Created in early 2018, Elite Crypto Signals has become one of the most recognized crypto trading Discords today.

That wealth of experience and knowledge amongst its members is a big reason why the channel is one of the best crypto Discord groups you can join right now.

With the primary aim of helping its users make money, this Discord channel provides trade signals based on technical analysis. In addition to this, they also analyze the market to scope out good entry and exit points. This channel is where you want to be when the bear market hits. They are always providing great sell signals that tell you when to get out.

Join Elite Crypto Signals on Discord

4. r/CryptoCurrency

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (7)

Following its tremendous rise on Reddit, r/Cryptocurrency has created a Discord server. It now ranks as one of the fastest-growing crypto Discord. r/Cryptocurrency is open for members to discuss everything related to crypto.


r/Cryptocurrency will make anyone looking for information on crypto trading, DeFi, yield farming, altcoins, mining, news, and whale transactions feel at home. It does not matter whether you are searching for price alerts or something else; you will find it at r/Cryptocurrency.

Join r/CryptoCurrency on Discord

5. Larva Labs

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (8)

Larva Labs was the first server on Discord to be dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Since its launch in 2017, with the name CryptoPunks, Larva Labs has become the go-to place for people looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in NFTs.

The people behind Larva Labs are the same people behind successful projects that have done really well in the cryptocurrency market. They include projects like Meebits, Cryptopunks, and Autoglyphs.

In essence, they are incredibly successful crypto investors. Larva Labs is like a crypto hub they built to further innovate in the crypto space.

Join Larva Labs on Discord

6. Cracking Crypto

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (9)

Anyone looking to understand how cryptocurrencies work would be interested in Cracking Crypto. It is one of the crypto Discord groups that has built a reputation for offering accurate information.

The group is essentially a trading group where crypto traders can come together to form cryptocurrency groups that are focused on investing and turning a profit.

There are several subchannels dedicated to explaining different aspects of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. The group also has several channels dedicated to crypto signals. It is certainly one of the best crypto Discord groups you can join right now if you want to get crypto signals that will help you grow your portfolio.

Join Cracking Crypto on Discord

7. Spacestation

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (10)

Spacestation is one of the oldest crypto Discord servers in operation. The channel was created way back in 2017 before cryptocurrencies went mainstream. As a result, it has some of the oldest and most experienced members of the crypto community as founding members.

While it originally started out as an Ethereum-based community on which ETH miners would meet to discuss solutions for their problems, now almost every aspect of crypto is discussed on Spacestation. Subchannels have been created for miners, developers, famous crypto personalities, and other cryptocurrency topics.

Join Spacestation on Discord

8. r/Wallstreetbets

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (11)

Wallstreetbets is unlike all other Discord cryptocurrency groups. In fact, it did not become popular because it played in crypto markets. Instead, it got popular because it caught Wall Street playing a dangerous game and sought to take advantage of it.

At the beginning of 2021, GameStop and its investors gained fame for halting Wall Street investors in their tracks, and it all was thanks to this group.

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Wallstreetbets is now the biggest crypto-related server on Discord crypto, with over 600,000 members.

There are many subchannels dedicated to discussing cryptocurrency trends, the markets, and how to pull retail funds and crash hedge fund short-sellers.

Join r/Wallstreetbets on Discord

9. MEGA Signals – Cryptocurrency Investment Group

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (12)

This is by far one of the largest crypto Discords dedicated to pump signals, with over 87,000 members. Mega Pump became popular for its daily “pump signal” channels, created to allow traders to find top-performing cryptos.

There are also subchannels dedicated to discussing new crypto events that will help traders to buy or sell their stakes.

Join MEGA Pump – Cryptocurrency Investment Group on Discord

10. Cryptex Commonwealth

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (13)

If you’re an investor looking to find a long term project, then you would find this Discord server delightful. Unlike short-term trading Discord crypto groups, Cryptex hosts various informative discussions with the focus being on long-term investments.

The group is also a welcoming community and has loads of active traders who are always willing to perform vital technical analysis and even provide mentorship in some cases.

Join Cryptex Commonwealth on Discord

Why You Should Care

As the crypto market expands and more people jump into the industry, finding a helpful community can be key in helping more people to find their footing and grow in the crypto ecosystem. The wide array of servers and the closely knit crypto community on Discord, makes it possible for almost everyone interested in the topic to find a home.


Join to get the flipside of crypto

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers to Join in 2023 - DailyCoin (14)

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