How long does it take to make your first money in affiliate marketing? (2023)

“How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?”

This is the question that I always receive every day. I’m sure you may be asking yourself right now, right?

My answer is … soon. It’s true.

If you do not believe you try to sign up for affiliate marketing program of amazon, clickbank …. Then get the link and send it to your loved ones!Ask them click on the link to help you get a commission.The next day you will see the first earnings from affiliate marketing!

Too fast, too easy right?But that is not the nature of affiliate marketing! When will they buy you? And when will you ever beg them?

So, if you are learning about affiliate marketing and you ask the question “How long does it take to make the first money from affiliate marketing?” Then that is the wrong question! The exact question is:How long does it take before I can become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

This is your question! When you ask that, your goal is really clear! Remember:

  • Affiliate marketing is NOT a method of get rich quick!
  • Affiliate marketing is NOT a method of making money after one night!
  • Affiliate marketing is like planting trees for picking fruit for a long time
  • Affiliate marketing is a lasting and sustainable way of making money!

A lot of people do not know that to make money with affiliate marketing is a whole process. It’s like any other business, you need to invest and dedicate!

First, may be you want to read:5 Reasons Bloggers Should Start Affiliate Marketing Immediately

Now go back to the question: How long can it take before I can become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

How long is it really?To become a successful Affiliate Marketer will depend on 3 things:


  • 1. Your method
  • 2. What is your niche?
  • 3. Your time
  • 4. 5 tips to quickly become a successful affiliate marketer
  • 5. Conclusion
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1. Your method

Which platform would you choose, which channel to start with affiliate marketing?

Many people choose social networking sites, they share links aggressively, they promote promotions and they quickly see results.But is that really a sustainable approach?I am sure with you is NOT!

Social networking is a good tool for you to promote and reach customers, but you do not really own it, so you may find results fast but you will not see results in the long run!So which platform is the most sustainable when doing affiliate marketing?

That is the website / blog!

Where you can master your content where you easily generate passive income and that is where you make money with affiliate marketing most sustainably! I have not seen any successful affiliate marketer who does not own at least a personal website / blog (maybe it’s a niche site or authority site)

With affiliate marketing, you want to make money fast or make money fast and passively?

2. What is your niche?

Niche also known as topic, field. So what is the niche that you choose to do with affiliate marketing? Niche is one of the important factors that determine whether you become a successful Affiliate Marketer or not. Why? This is the reason:Some topics are not very popular – no one searches for it on Google, nor does anyone talk about it on social media or forums, and so on.

For example: You decide to build a niche site and write about the Xbox360.However, many Xbox fans are no longer using the Xbox 360, but they have upgraded to the next generation Xbox One.So if you do not grasp the market demand, user tastes, then you are the failure of the first step!

Another example:You realize that many e-commerce websites sell household sewing machines, and the percentage of people who prefer home sewing is also relatively high. So you build a blog about sewing threads. Your goal is to promote the sewing line through affiliate marketing!

OK, that’s good! But…You do not have any knowledge of sewing, you never use a sewing machine.So how long can you keep writing about this topic? Definitely not long!

So when you choose a field to do affiliate marketing, there are some questions that you need to answer:

  • Are you interested, do you like this topic?
  • Is there a good quality product or service that you can promote?
  • Are there any niche affiliate programs you choose?
  • Are there enough people interested in that niche?
  • Are there affiliates and other bloggers who are interested / writing about that niche?

Answering all these questions will help you choose better niche faster, much faster!In conclusion, to become a successful Affiliate Marketer you will have to be sure of the following when selecting niche:

(Video) How Long Does It Take To Set Up Affiliate Marketing Campaign? [Affiliate Marketing for Beginners]

  • Have enough people interested => You can do this through keyword research tools (Google KeywordPlanner, Google Trend or KW Finder …)
  • You care / like that niche => If you want to read / write about your field, then you are interested in it.
  • There are many related products and services => For information, product reviews,…
  • Have at least one affiliate program => Without an affiliate program, there is no way to generate revenue.

3. Your time

The amount of time you spend working on your website / blog will play an important role in your success.With affiliate marketing, if you only work one hour a day, be prepared for the mentality that it may take at least a year for you to start seeing any results.

The truth is, I work 10 hours a day and after 59 days, I get my first $ 80 for affiliate marketing. But if you work hard and commit about 4 to 8 hours a day, you can achieve success within a 6 month or 1 year. That is the investment of time and commitment for your work.However there are some ways to speed up your …

4. 5 tips to quickly become a successful affiliate marketer

There are 5 tips that I found to help you quickly earn the first money and more importantly, it will help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer in the future.

a. Do not focus only on promotion and sales

A lot of people give me their website / blog and complain: I put a lot of banners, get lots of clicks daily but no sales (ie no conversion rate).

This is a mistake that most newcomers to affiliate marketing encounter. When you focus solely on product advertising, your website / blog and content will be of poor quality.The two main signs of over-promotion are:

  • Put too many banners
  • Generate articles and place too many affiliate links that make invaluable content

So what should you do?

Remove all annoying ads to users, decrease the number of affiliate links in articles and create valuable content. Navigate users to high-value articles that link to high-quality product and related to your niche

b.Do not write about anything, choose one

That is the subject of your choice, the field that you will follow with it. A lot of people ask me:”Can I write about many topics on a blog?My answer will always be NO!

Since you are building a blog, a website that is dedicated to making money with affiliate marketing, you need to narrow down and choose the right topic.

For example, you like to read books, but what kind of books? Economic or literary books?

I’ve seen a lot of people deploying multiple niches on the same blog and then failing just because those niches are not their own forte.

(Video) Revealed: Make Your First $1000 With Affiliate Marketing (Zero Followers)

So what should you do?

First of all, you need to choose the niche you are passionate about to start. Or at least you have little interest in it. Why? Because you will enjoy waking up in the morning, you are excited to sit in front of a computer and write about it and you will be proud of what you create on your website / blog. Gradually you become an expert in the field of your choice.

Finally, stick with it, persist and do not give up without seeing results. Do not try to jump to another field just because you find it more potent while you know nothing about it.

c. Do not promote products that you have not used yet

Promoting and presenting products that you have not used before, you are deceiving your readers, your customers. And more importantly, when you are not using it, you will not know exactly what the product is good or bad.

So your article will be unconvincing and certainly no one will buy through your link.

You fail with affiliate marketing!

So what should you do?

Before you start promoting, try first. Buy it and use it. Actually, if you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.Do not choose products and services just because it has high prices and attractive commissions, quality products will determine your success!

d.Give evidence of pros and cons

Any product / service will have pros and cons. So do not forget to point out its downside, this is the best way to let your audiences see you are not overly flattering.

In addition, you should also point out the benefits and make clear to the ádience how this product will help them solve the problem.If customers do not see the benefits of the product they will certainly not buy through your affiliate link.

So what should you do?

(Video) SECRET WAY To First $100+/Day with Affiliate Marketing (Urgent For Beginners!)

Let’s show evidence of practical use, features, benefits of the product. You can use images (screenshots) or referral videos when writing review articles

e.Build your email list

Email lists are the greatest asset of an affiliate marketer.When you get a quality email list you can market your product, send your content, and even sell your own digital products (if you have one).

Personally, I’ve experienced and felt the power of an email list, I’ve made $ 775 a day just by writing an email and pressing the send button.

So what should you do?

Build email list books from the first days.

You can start by signing up for free email marketing services like Mailchimp and gradually upgrade to more professional tools like GetResponse.

Then create a free gift (ebook, video …) to attract audiences to subscribe to your email list, or otherwise create valuable content, which is also a priceless gift and Surely users will not hesitate to subscribe to your email list.

5. Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is definitely a way of generating huge and passive income. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer undoubtedly requires time and effort.

So if you see the first money from affiliate marketing do not rush and if you do not see the results then do not be discouraged.Please continue, persevere and adjust. I’m sure with some proper strategies attached to how professional you will be successful soon

If you have any questions, do not forget to leave a comment below!

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How soon can I make money from affiliate marketing? ›

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but it does require a fair share of your time and effort before you can start making good money. On average, expect to earn your first $1,000 within the first 12 to 18 months.

How do I get my first sales in affiliate marketing? ›

How to get started with affiliate marketing
  1. Decide on a platform.
  2. Choose your niche.
  3. Find affiliate programs to join.
  4. Create great content.
  5. Drive traffic to your affiliate site.
  6. Get clicks on your affiliate links.
  7. Convert clicks to sales.
29 Sept 2021

Is it hard to make money affiliate marketing? ›

While you won't need to outlay money, what you will need to get started is time. Affiliate marketing is a skilled practice, and learning the ropes can be a slow, hard slog. So be prepared to spend a lot of time, rather than a lot of money, at the start of your affiliate career.

How much can you realistically make with affiliate marketing? ›

Glassdoor's affiliate marketing income statistics put potential earnings even higher. Average annual earnings for affiliate marketers are $65,800, with the range between $42,000 at the low end, and $83,000 at the top end.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2022? ›

Yes, affiliate marketing is worth it, given its growth in popularity. Statista estimates the affiliate marketing industry will be worth $8.2 billion by 2022, up from $5.4 billion in 2017. It's also a low- to no-cost business venture you can profit from immensely.

How much do affiliate marketers make a month? ›

Categorizing Affiliate Marketers by Earnings

Intermediate $1000 to $10,000/per month. Advanced – 10k to $100k/per month. Super Affiliate – $100k+/per month.

How do I make my first affiliate in 24 hours? ›

Steps to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours
  1. Start Making Affiliate Sales on Pinterest. ...
  2. Get Automated so You can Make Affiliate Sales While Your Sleep. ...
  3. Decide on a Product to Promote. ...
  4. Get Images that Convert. ...
  5. Become an Advanced Affiliate Sales Machine!
19 Aug 2019

How can I succeed in affiliate marketing? ›

10 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success
  1. Affiliate Marketing Tips. Create solid content. ...
  2. Create solid content. ...
  3. Track your affiliate marketing success. ...
  4. Know your products. ...
  5. Engage your visitors. ...
  6. Concentrate on one niche affiliate business. ...
  7. Provide information and help, rather than sell. ...
  8. Always be testing and improving.

How can I get 1000 affiliate marketing? ›

COPY My $1000/Day Affiliate Marketing Method For FREE

Can affiliate marketing lose money? ›

Direct Monetary Losses

Generally speaking, the more you spend on affiliate marketing, the more you stand to lose if fraudsters target you. Another factor that can affect how much money you lose to affiliate fraud is how your affiliate program is set up.

How much does an Amazon affiliate make? ›

Amazon affiliates can make as little as a hundred bucks a month or as much as six figures per year. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for an Amazon affiliate is $55,434 per year. The top 1% of earners make between $111,500 and $121,000, while the lowest 10% earn between $16,500 and $26,000.

Is affiliate marketing a good side hustle? ›

If that's your goal, affiliate marketing can be a very attractive side hustle. As an affiliate marketer, you'll promote a merchant's products or services on your site using unique links. These URLs contain codes that the merchant can use to track all of the sales originating from your content.

How many hours does affiliate marketing work? ›

There are a lot of ways we could try to quantify the amount of work that you should be putting in as a founder, but my answer is simply "You gotta do what you gotta do." That means there may be some weeks when you'll work 80 hours. There may be some weeks when you'll work 60 hours.

How do I start affiliate marketing with no audience? ›

How to do affiliate Marketing without a website, audience &...
  1. Social media platforms.
  2. Guest posting.
  3. Email marketing.
  4. YouTube channel.
  5. Pinterest.
  6. Forums and online communities.
  7. Podcasts.

Can you have multiple affiliate programs? ›

Multiple income channels: It is good to know that there are no restrictions to the number of affiliate programs you can join. Joining multiple programs mean you will be earning from multiple sources. Hence, an opportunity to make more money.

How much money can you make from ClickBank? ›

Can You Actually Make Money With ClickBank? Yes, absolutely! ClickBank's comparatively high commission rates mean you can expect to earn anywhere from $15 – $50 for a single sale. That means affiliate marketers only need to refer four sales a day to earn a daily passive income of up to $200.

What is the future of affiliate marketing? ›

One of the top affiliate marketing trends we can see this year is growth. Affiliate marketing in 2022 means bigger budgets and bigger campaigns. Statista also shows that in 2022 the US affiliate marketing industry will be worth 8.2 billion, which is an increase of more than 10% compared to 2021.

How much do Amazon affiliates make a month? ›

Amazon Affiliate Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$100,000$8,333
75th Percentile$70,000$5,833
25th Percentile$34,500$2,875

How do I make millions with affiliate marketing? ›

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  1. Create a Content-Rich Website.
  2. Get Targeted Traffic From Google.
  3. Promote Products That People Are Actively Searching To Buy.
  4. Promote Products That Sell.
  5. Promote Products That Offer High Affiliate Commissions.
  6. Optimize Your Affiliate Links To Get More Clicks.
23 Jun 2022

How much do YouTubers make from affiliate links? ›

Do YouTubers make money from affiliate links? YouTubers earn money if they're sending viewers to buy products through affiliate links. The exact amount varies depending on the brand they're partnered with—usually between 5% and 50%.

How do I sell with affiliate links? ›

How to promote affiliate links?
  1. Insert affiliate links in your product reviews and tutorials.
  2. Add affiliate links to your resources page.
  3. Place affiliate banners on your website.
  4. Use affiliate links in your newsletters and email sequences.
  5. Embed affiliate links into your video content.
14 Apr 2021

Is affiliate marketing good for beginners? ›

High earning potential

Affiliate marketing has six-figure earning potential for newcomers. You may not bring in that sort of money right at the jump, but there is real potential for affiliate marketing to replace your 9 to 5.

Which social media is best for affiliate marketing? ›

Facebook is often regarded as one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers.

What are the do's and don'ts of affiliate marketing? ›

10 Essential Do's and Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing
  • Do: Promote a product that you know.
  • Do: A Good call-to-action.
  • Do: Choose a campaign with high conversion.
  • Do: Negotiate with advertisers.
  • Do: Organize your campaigns.
  • Don't: Promote dozens of products on 1 page.
  • Don't: Target audience does not match the advertisement.
28 Sept 2020

How can I make $1000 a day? ›

How can you make an extra $1,000 a day fast?
  1. Deliver food with DoorDash.
  2. Dog sit and dog walk with Rover.
  3. Do projects on HomeAdvisor.
  4. Resell on eBay.
  5. Sell your own products on Etsy.
  6. Start freelance writing for blogs.
  7. Create an online course.
  8. Build a podcast following.
26 Aug 2022

How can I make $1000 a month affiliate marketing? ›

How to Make $1,000 per Month with Affiliate Marketing - YouTube

How can I make 1000 a week online? ›

How to Make 1000 a Week Online and Offline
  1. Answer Paid Surveys. Companies will pay top dollar to do market research. ...
  2. Start a Blog. One of the ways you can make fast money online is by starting your own blog. ...
  3. Work as a Tutor. What is this? ...
  4. Collect Sign-Up Bonuses. Many sites and apps will pay you by simply registering.

Why do people quit affiliate marketing? ›

They don't really know the products they promote

Many affiliates don't take the effort to dive into the products they want to earn commissions from. They think it's enough to provide superficial product information. But your visitors don't come to your blog to read things they have read somewhere else before.

How can I get money fast? ›

Other Ways To Make Money Quickly
  1. Become a Ride-Share Driver. Average income of up to $377 per month. ...
  2. Make Deliveries for Amazon or Uber Eats. ...
  3. Become a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker. ...
  4. Get a Babysitting Gig. ...
  5. Install Christmas Lights for the Holidays. ...
  6. Become a Home Organizer. ...
  7. Help With Home Gardening. ...
  8. Assist With Deliveries or Moving.
19 Nov 2021

Do you need a following for affiliate marketing? ›

The short answer: yes, you can be successful at affiliate marketing without social media. There are loads of affiliate marketers who are doing great without having a single social media follower. The truth is that social media is just one of many ways via which you can earn affiliate sales.

Is it hard to be an Amazon affiliate? ›

Amazon Affiliate is one of the easiest programs on the entire globe. To promote Amazon products, you need a proper medium where you'll show or talk about the goods. It might be a website, a YouTube channel, or even a mobile app but it's required to have a place which will be a common platform for you and your visitors.

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon affiliate? ›

Your social network page or group must be established, with a substantive number of organic followers/likes (in most cases, at least 500).

Do you need your own website for affiliate marketing? ›

Absolutely for affiliate marketing, you don't need to have a website, you only need traffic or audience and it may be on your youtube channel, Instagram, or Facebook. What is must only to paste the affiliate link on your post for verifying the sales made through your post or video.

How do I grow my affiliate program? ›

What is your number 1 tip to grow your business with affiliate marketing?
  1. Focus on a specific niche and demographic.
  2. Provide free products for influencers.
  3. Think carefully where to place your affiliate links.
  4. Offer generous commissions.
  5. Promote products you truly believe in.
  6. Set up email campaigns with auto-responder emails.
28 Jan 2020

How can beginners make money online? ›

How to make money online as a beginner
  1. Get involved in market research. ...
  2. Become an online tutor. ...
  3. Sell your clothes and other belongings. ...
  4. Become an affiliate for your favorite products. ...
  5. Start a dropshipping business. ...
  6. Transcribe recordings. ...
  7. Rent out your stuff.
13 Jun 2022

How many followers do I need to be an affiliate marketer? ›

There is no specific ideal number of followers for affiliate marketing, however, a good number of 5,000 to 15,000 followers is enough to become an affiliate marketer. Also, your engagement rate should be at least 100 likes per post.

Do I need social media for affiliate marketing? ›

Affiliate marketing programs can be an effective way for brands to work with large-scale content creators like major podcasters and social media influencers. But they also allow brands and creators to connect in a low-commitment way that benefits both parties. No DMs or media kits required!

What are the three 3 best affiliate marketing? ›

In this post, we'll explore 3 main types of affiliate marketing: Unattached affiliate marketing. Related affiliate marketing. Involved affiliate marketing.

Who is the number 1 affiliate? ›

Full stop, Robby Blanchard is largely known as the number one affiliate in the world and is featuring a free $26 Million Dollar Case Study that is asking if users are ready to discover the key to making thousands per day online?

What is the highest paying affiliate website? ›

These are the top affiliate programs to join to earn money:
  • Fiverr.
  • SEMrush.
  • GetResponse.
  • ConvertKit.
  • HubSpot.
  • Hostinger.
  • WP Engine.
  • Weebly.
9 Aug 2022

Is affiliate marketing a full time job? ›

An Affiliate Marketer finds employment on an hourly and part-time basis. He or she usually works independently and gets paid only when leads created by him are converted into sales. Thus there are no official work hours in this career.

Why is my affiliate marketing not working? ›

Poor customer assistance from the product brand is one of the reasons why affiliate marketing does not work. It contributes greatly to affiliate marketing failure rate. Due to which affiliates get blamed. The product/brand affiliates choose to promote needs to be genuine and authentic.

Which is better affiliate marketing or dropshipping? ›

Between dropshipping vs affiliate marketing, you're better off with dropshipping. When dropshipping products, you can easily retarget your audience to help convert the sale. With affiliate marketing, since you're sending the traffic to another website, you have no control over retargeting.

Are affiliate programs worth it? ›

So, is an affiliate marketing business still worth it? Yes, if you're willing to put in the work! All you need is an audience, quality affiliate products to promote and content that drives traffic. That's all easier said than done, but it's definitely possible if you're willing to take the time to do it.

What are the disadvantages of affiliate marketing? ›

The Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing
  • You Don't Control Affiliate Marketing Programs. ...
  • You Don't Control Your Competition. ...
  • You Can't Establish Your Customer Base. ...
  • No Guarantee of Revenue. ...
  • Freelance Jobs are not for Everyone. ...
  • Quantity Approach. ...
  • It's Possible to Hijack Affiliate Links.
20 Jan 2021

What skills are needed for affiliate marketing? ›

5 Top Skills to Look for in an Affiliate Marketer
  • Problem Solving. Affiliates who have the ability and determination to solve problems save you the time and energy of having to address those issues yourself. ...
  • Creativity. Creativity is the power that drives production. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Technical Aptitude. ...
  • Productivity.
20 Dec 2021

Is affiliate marketing a good side hustle? ›

If that's your goal, affiliate marketing can be a very attractive side hustle. As an affiliate marketer, you'll promote a merchant's products or services on your site using unique links. These URLs contain codes that the merchant can use to track all of the sales originating from your content.

What is the biggest problem in affiliate marketing? ›

Traffic from people who are interested in your affiliate's products, and traffic from people who will buy. It may seem like rudimentary advice, but the solution to this is to avoid getting traffic just for the sake of numbers.

What industry is affiliate marketing in? ›

Affiliate marketing is a marketing scheme in which a company compensates partners for business created from the affiliate's marketing tactics. Digital marketing, analytics, and cookies have made affiliate marketing a billion-dollar industry.

Why affiliate marketing is the future? ›

One of the top affiliate marketing trends we can see this year is growth. Affiliate marketing in 2022 means bigger budgets and bigger campaigns. Statista also shows that in 2022 the US affiliate marketing industry will be worth 8.2 billion, which is an increase of more than 10% compared to 2021.

Is it easy to become an affiliate marketer? ›

Affiliate marketing isn't particularly easy. It's a real business that you must take seriously and work hard to grow. However, if you choose and focus on a niche, create quality content, and build good relationships with a few reputable affiliates, you can become very successful at affiliate marketing.

How much do AliExpress affiliates make? ›

Aliexpress affiliate program is an ultimate revenue-generating machine for marketers. AliExpress paid out over $100000 per month with top sellers making up to $20000 every month in affiliate commisions. The affiliate program has also been offered by another online retailer website like Amazon.

Can you start affiliate marketing with no money? ›

Can you really start affiliate marketing with “no” money? The only way to start affiliate marketing with no money is to get an affiliate link and start sending it to people you know. While this is possible, it's not scalable and won't make you much money unless you're constantly networking.


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