Debit Card Alipay Payment - Mobile Payment | HSBC China (2023)

Shop, send and receive money faster with your HSBC China Debit Card using Alipay and QR code payment. You can also withdraw your money from Alipay account to your debit card.

(Video) How to use Alipay without Chinese bank card. No work visa needed!

(Video) Alipay account and alipay payment system with international bank cards

Steps to link your card

Step 1: Open Alipay, go to "Me" and select "bank cards".

Step 2: Click "+" on the upper right corner to add your card.

(Video) how to fund your Alipay account with YOUR Master or Visa card or PayPal etc

Step 3: Enter your debit card number.

(Video) How to Use Wechat Pay/Alipay in China (as a foreigner)
(Video) How to bind and pay with a non -Chinese mainland bank cards on Alipay


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