Cowboys news: Jerry Jones shares his feelings on the Amari Cooper trade (2023)

Jerry Jones: Amari Cooper is a real good player, the issue was how much we were paying him - Michael David Smith, NBC Sports

Jerry Jones already went on record this week about a quarterback controversy. Now he’s letting fans know why Amari Cooper is no longer with the team.

The trade that sent Amari Cooper from Dallas to Cleveland this offseason is working out for the Browns. But the man who made the trade, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, says it will work out in the long term for the Cowboys as well.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that by trading Cooper for a fifth-round draft pick, the Cowboys ended up with significant salary cap savings that will improve the team in the future.

“The issue with Amari Cooper was how much we were paying him and what we could do with that money, completely. Amari Cooper is a real good player. Top player,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News

Jones said the Cowboys needed to cap space to prioritize the offensive line and the pass rush.

“You can’t have it all,” Jones said.

If the Cowboys had kept Cooper, he would have counted $20 million against their cap this year. By trading him, they reduced that to a $6 million dead cap hit. The Browns then restructured his contract so that he counts only $4.9 million against the cap this year, but is then slated to have cap his of almost $24 million each of the next two years. The Cowboys could’ve kept Cooper and restructured his contract too, but they didn’t want those future cap hits.

(Video) Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Breaks Silence on Amari Cooper Trade to Browns

Blabbermouth Skip Bayless believes Cowboys QB Dak Prescott needs competition - Clark Dalton, Yardbarker

Jerry Jones isn’t the only one who has an opinion on the quarterback situation. “Fan favorite” Skip Bayless seems to agree with what Jones has to say.

Fox Sports carnival barker Skip Bayless thinks Jones isn’t bluffing. The longtime Cowboys fanboy said starter Dak Prescott, out with right thumb injury, needs competition.

Jerry Jones says he would welcome a QB controversy between Dak and Cooper Rush:

“Do I believe what Jerry said yesterday? Yes. I 1000% welcome a QB controversy. It would only have positive outcome whichever way you go...Dak needs a fire lit under him." — @RealSkipBayless

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) September 23, 2022

In a Week 1 loss to Tampa Bay, Prescott struggled, completing 14-of-29 passes for 134 yards. In a Week 2 win over Cincinnati, Rush completed 19-of-31 passes for 235 yards.

(Video) LOOK! THE SECRET IS OVER! DALLAS COWBOYS NEWS Jerry Jones would trade...

It’s not impossible for a backup to replace a starter — Prescott did it in 2016, supplanting Tony Romo — but it’s unlikely.

The Cowboys have a huge investment in Prescott, including $126 million in guaranteed money on his contract, per Spotrac.

Jones is renowned for making outlandish statements. In 2019, the Dallas Morning News complied a list of his 25 greatest quotes.

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot believes Jones’ QB comment is a bunch of ... well, you know.

“It’s all marketing,” Elliott said in a Thursday news conference.

Randy Gregory Who? Cowboys Dorance Armstrong Making ‘Toxic Fans’ Forget - Tim Hamm, The Wichita Eagle

After the Cowboys lost out on the Randy Gregory signing to the Broncos, someone needed to step up in his absence. Dorance Armstrong had his best year in 2021. So far through two games this season, it looks like his production continues.

When it became clear last March that the Dallas Cowboys defense was going to lose defensive end Randy Gregory to the Denver Broncos, the team went with Plan B. On March 18, Dallas signed defensive end Dorance Armstrong to a new contract after he entered free agency in the offseason. The very next day, Gregory signed with Denver.


Cowboys fans were panicking at the time, wondering how the defense could survive without their home-grown, seemingly former problem child, who was now possibly an up-and-comer in the league. Of course, Micah Parsons is this team’s leader on defense, but he can’t play both defensive end and linebacker on every down.

Fast-forward to last Sunday, and the Cowboys’ big win over the reigning AFC Champion Bengals. The defense shined without Gregory, but more importantly, with Armstrong.

Of the six sacks Dallas registered against Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow on Sunday, Armstrong was responsible for two. Tack on two more quarterback hits and a pair of solo tackles, and Armstrong had an outstanding game.

It’s the first multi-sack game of his career.

Armstrong signed a two-year, $13 million contract back in March, significantly less than the five-year, $70 million contract offered to Gregory, which was nearly identical to the one he signed in Denver.

Proposed Trade Sees Cowboys Unload Ex-No. 3 Overall Draft Pick - DJ Siddiqi,

It’s still early in the season, but improving your roster is 365 days a year according to Stephen Jones. If the Cowboys want to get a wide receiver before the trade deadline, they might want to consider trading some quality depth along the defensive line.

As noted by Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine, the one of the trade targets that the Las Vegas Raiders should target is none other than linebacker Dante Fowler. Ballentine argues that the Raiders need help when it comes to rushing the passer, with Maxx Crosby the only player having registered a sack so far this season.

(Video) Jerry Jones Said The Cowboys Would Be Interested In Trading Up In This Month’s Draft

While Fowler has impressed in his first two games as a Cowboys, he’s been limited in snaps due to his role as a situational pass-rusher (24 percent of defensive snaps). Dallas’ abundance of pass-rushers could make Fowler expendable for a draft pick.

“The 28-year-old showcased his utility as a rotational pass-rusher, but the truth is the Cowboys have an abundance of them,” says Ballentine. “Micah Parsons continues to be a game-wrecker when playing on the edge, while DeMarcus Lawrence and Dorance Armstrong are seeing more snaps than Fowler as well.Chauncey Golston and Sam Williams were right behind.

So, while Fowler has been a good addition for the Cowboys, he might be worth more as a future draft pick.”

Ballentine has a valid point. While the Cowboys have been far from impressive during their 1-1 start, their pass rush has been their lone bright spot early on in the season. According to Pro Football Focus, Dallas has posted an 80.7 pass-rushing grade this season, ranking second in the league. By comparison, the Raiders have posted a 60.6 defensive grade, ranking 25th in the league.

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(Video) Jerry Jones Throws Amari Cooper Under The Bus In Interview | Says CeeDee Lamb Can Be Upgrade

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Why did Jerry Jones get rid of Amari Cooper? ›

During this Friday's appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed the team's decision to trade Cooper. He said that move was made strictly because Cooper's salary was too high. "The issue with Amari Cooper was how much we were paying him, and what we could do with that money," Jones said.

Would Jerry Jones ever sell the Cowboys? ›

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't planning on selling his beloved franchise anytime soon, even if the number comes in above Forbes' estimated $8 billion valuation. “I wouldn't sell the Cowboys for $10 [billion],” Jones told Yahoo Finance (video above). “Of course, I'm not interested in selling the Cowboys."

Why are Cowboys getting rid of Cooper? ›

Cooper signed a five-year, $100 million contract with the Cowboys in 2020 that the team didn't feel comfortable keeping on the books. Trading Cooper incurred a cap hit of $6 million for the Cowboys, whereas keeping him would have brought a $22 million hit.

What did the Cowboys give for Cooper? ›

In fact, KC got five picks: a 2022 first-round pick (No. 29), a second-round pick (No. 50) and a fourth-round pick, plus fourth- and sixth-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Who was the owner of the Cowboys before Jerry Jones? ›

H. R. "Bum" Bright, who had purchased the Cowboys from Murchison in 1984, sold the team to Jerry Jones in 1989. Jones named former University of Miami coach Jimmy Johnson to replace Landry, who finished his career with 270 victories, third most by any coach in history.

How much is Jerry Jones yacht worth? ›

When your name is Jerry Jones and you are the owner of the most valuable sports franchise in the world, chances are the gifts you purchase for yourself won't be made at your local mall.

Who is richest owner in NFL? ›

According to Forbes, there are only three owners in the NFL who are worth more than $10 billion.
Top 15 richest owners in the NFL
  • Arthur Blank, Falcons $7.1 billion.
  • Stephen Bisciotti, Ravens: $5.9 billion.
  • Terry Pegula, Bills: $5.8 billion.
  • Janice McNair, Texans: $4.2 billion.
7 Apr 2022

How much would the Cowboys sell for? ›

Jones told King his prized possession would sell for more than $10 billion, by his estimation.

Does Amari Cooper want to leave Dallas? ›

“It's not like I disliked being in Dallas — I actually loved being there,” Cooper said. “I wouldn't say I just wanted to leave. But at the same time, it's never personal, it's just business and that's part of the business of being in this league.

How much of Ezekiel Elliott's contract is guaranteed? ›

Ezekiel Elliott signed a 6 year, $90,000,000 contract with the Dallas Cowboys, including a $7,500,000 signing bonus, $50,052,137 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15,000,000.
Current Contract.
Contract:6 yr(s) / $90,000,000
Guaranteed at Signing$28,052,137
Free Agent:2027 / UFA
3 more rows

Is Dallas looking for a QB? ›

Fowler notes that Dallas is unlikely to pursue quarterbacks such as Jimmy Garoppolo and Mason Rudolph via trade. Furthermore, they're unlikely to sign a “big-name” quarterback such as Cam Newton. “As of now, the Cowboys do not plan to trade for a starting quarterback, barring an unforeseen development,” reports Fowler.

Why did Amari get traded? ›

Amari Cooper 'Shrunk': Here's Why Cowboys Traded WR to Browns. Clouding his overall performance, Amari Cooper's lack of effort on the Dallas Cowboys' final, futile drive of the season helped sour the franchise - according to an NFL source - on keeping the $20 million-a-year receiver heading into 2022 and beyond.

What did the Dallas Cowboys get in return for Amari Cooper? ›

The Cowboys did try to negotiate his contract down, but Cooper declined, guessing right that somebody out there would be comfortable paying him his $20 million APY. And in the end, Dallas was able to gain only got a fifth-round pick (and a swap of sixth-rounders) from Cleveland for the four-time Pro Bowler.

Is Amari Cooper a good fantasy pick? ›

Their outside corners have been playing quite well. Cooper is the WR18 in fantasy points per game while also ranking 25th in PFF receiving grade and 32nd in yards per route run (minimum 15 targets). He's garnered a 27.9% target share (14th) and 32.4% air yard share (fifth-best) with eight red zone targets (11th).

What percent of the Cowboys does Jerry Jones own? ›

Jones and wife Gene own 51% of the Cowboys and their three adult children equally share the other 49%, D magazine reported in 2019. The sons and daughter also are significant partners in all other family endeavors.

How much does Jerry Jones make off the Cowboys? ›

Jerry Jones Net Worth (Updated 2022)
NameJerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones
SpouseEugenia Jones
Source of WealthOwner of Dallas Cowboys, former footballer, owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease
SalaryApproximately $5.6 billion
EndorsementsPresidential endorsement
5 more rows

Who actually owns AT&T Stadium? ›

Does the Dallas Cowboys have minority owners? ›

Career in sports management

When Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in February 1989, McCoy became a minority owner with a 5% stake in the NFL franchise.

What was the first NFL team? ›

That honor goes to the Buffalo All-Americans, a founding team of the National Football League in 1920. In the team's first season, the All-Americans went 9-9-1, and believed they deserved to win the championship – and the Brunswick-Balke Collendar Cup.

Why are the Cowboys so popular? ›

Cowboys Worldwide

A lot of factors have played a role in making the Dallas Cowboys famous, but the most important of them is winning; they started from the bottom, won their way to five Super Bowls, and raised a fan base that is among the most loyal in the world.

What football player has the biggest yacht? ›

Cristiano Ronaldo's luxury £5.5m yacht boasts five luxury cabins, six bathrooms, modern kitchen and can reach 28 knots
  • 9:38, 5 Jul 2021.
  • Updated: 15:55, 10 Feb 2022.

Who has the biggest yacht? ›

1AzzamEstate of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
2Fulk Al SalamahOmani royal family
3EclipseRoman Abramovich
4DubaiMohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
64 more rows

How big is Tom Brady's new yacht? ›

Tom Brady currently owns two yachts. He initially owned the Wajer 55S boat, worth $2 million. He bought it when he moved to Tampa Bay. The managing director of Wajer boats let Brady try out the 38 feet model before Brady decided to opt for the $2 million Wajer 55S (53 feet yacht).

Who is the poorest owner in the NFL? ›

The answer is the owner of Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis. With a net worth of about $500 million, Mark Davis is probably the poorest boss in the NFL.

How much is Donald Trump worth? ›

What is the cheapest NFL team to buy? ›

The Cincinnati Bengals were deemed the least-valuable NFL franchise at US$2.84 billion, which put them narrow behind the Detroit Lions (US$2.86 billion).

How do the Cowboys make so much money? ›

In 2021, the Cowboys pulled in over $220 million in stadium advertising and sponsorship revenue, more than double that of any other team.

How much does Jerry Jones make off the Cowboys? ›

Jerry Jones Net Worth (Updated 2022)
NameJerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones
SpouseEugenia Jones
Source of WealthOwner of Dallas Cowboys, former footballer, owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease
SalaryApproximately $5.6 billion
EndorsementsPresidential endorsement
5 more rows

How much did Jerry Jones buy the Dallas Cowboys for? ›

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for a then-record $150 million.

What did Jerry Jones pay for the Cowboys? ›

Real Time Net Worth

His most valuable holding is the Dallas Cowboys, which he bought for $150 million in 1989. The team is currently valued at $8 billion. Jones made a name for himself as an oil wildcatter, making his first million in oil investments in the 1970s.

What is the Cowboys quarterback name? ›

Dallas Cowboys

Who is the most expensive NFL team? ›

The latest ranking reported that the Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable NFL franchise after the 2021 NFL season. The fastest growing NFL franchise is the Buffalo Bills, with a 112.5% increase in valuation since the 2017 NFL season ($1.6 to $3.4 billion).

Who is the richest NFL owner 2022? ›

The $4.65 billion price tag for the Broncos was the most expensive sports team sale in history, and when the deal closed in August, Walton immediately became the richest owner in the NFL.

Is owning an NFL team profitable? ›

Team valuations went up an average of 28.5% from the season before, making the NFL yet again the most profitable league in sports. Learn: What Is the Highest Income for Food Stamps in 2022?

Who is the cheapest NFL team? ›

The Cincinnati Bengals were deemed the least-valuable NFL franchise at US$2.84 billion, which put them narrow behind the Detroit Lions (US$2.86 billion).

What sports team is worth the most? ›

Dallas Cowboys

Why are the Dallas Cowboys worth so much money? ›

They have the largest fanbase in the country.” In the financial column, the Cowboys are undefeated; even amid a Super Bowl drought, it still rains money in Dallas. The Cowboys have topped Forbes' list of the most valuable sports franchises every year since 2016.

How much did AT&T pay for naming rights to Cowboys Stadium? ›

amounting to $220 million. Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck, whose city is home to the complex, said Arlington each year will receive 5 percent of the revenue from the naming rights, declining to say just how much.

How much profit does the Dallas Cowboys make? ›

In the 2021 season, the revenue of the Dallas Cowboys was 1.1 billion U.S. dollars.
Dallas Cowboys revenue from 2001 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)
CharacteristicRevenue in million U.S. dollars
9 more rows
31 Aug 2022

Who actually owns AT&T stadium? ›

Has Dallas Cowboys ever had a black quarterback? ›

“Look at Dak Prescott.” Before we do that, we must look at Collier — the first black Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Collier was one of the quarterbacks from the class of 1983, which included John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly.

Who is the best QB in Dallas Cowboys history? ›

Dak Prescott may not have the playoff wins or Super Bowl rings, but no Dallas Cowboys quarterback has ever put up better numbers through their first six seasons in the league. In nearly every major passing category, Prescott tops them all, including Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and Tony Romo.

Who is Cowboys new quarterback? ›

Dallas Cowboys


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