3 best cold email templates for web design services that will double your revenue (2023)

Creating cold email campaigns for selling your web design services can be a tough job. Mainly because there’re thousands if not millions of agencies worldwide offering web design services.

So the real questions are:

How do you stand out from the crowd?
How are you engaging with your potential customers?

And finally,

Why should they choose your web design services?

If you’re looking to acquire new clients through cold outreach campaigns, then cold email templates for web design services are crucial for your future success.

If you’ve been using cold email outreach before - then you probably know that getting high open and reply rates aren’t easy.

Moreover - it’s now harder than anytime before.

So, the real question is, what can you do? How can you change it? How can you make your cold email templates for web design agencies better and more engaging?

The answer lies in this article.

First, we will quickly go through the best practices of writing cold email templates, then, we will see 3 best and most performing cold email templates for web design services other lemlist users have been using for years while generating new clients every month.

Are you ready?

Let’s crush it!

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Basic elements of writing engaging cold email templates for web design services

There’re millions of cold emails sent out every day.

And to be honest - a lot of people hates them.

Bad execution of cold email outreach campaigns can seriously harm your email deliverability and domain.

Hence, it’s from crucial importance to understand how the game of cold email outreach works.

Long story short - perfect cold email templates for web design services that will deliver the real results need to:

  • Have short and catchy title that will prompt people to click on it (From my personal experience, if you don’t know what subject to use, it’s always best to write something like: “super quick question”, “quick question”, and so on)
  • The first part of your email (especially the first one to two sentences), should be funny, engaging - so they can “intrigue” people.
  • Cold email templates for web design service should be about them, not about you.
  • Never, ever be too promotional. One short sentence of who are you and what to do should be more than enough.
  • Remember - the goal of cold email campaigns is to build relationships with someone who don’t know about you.

Now when we saw the basic principles of writing cold email templates for web design services - let’s see 3 best and most engaging templates for selling web design services.

“Winner of the week” cold email template for web design

This is probably one of the most performing cold email template for web design used by other lemlisters.

Here’s it:

Subject line: Ideas & Feedback for {{companyName}}

Bonjour {{firstName}},

We selected {{companyName}} as our weekly winner for the "Website review and analysis" reward! 🎉

In essence, every week we choose one lucky website and we go through all the things that we could improve in order to help you guys have a more engaging website.

We usually do it with a brainstorming session with 2-3 people from our team (I've attached the photo of our meeting below).

3 best cold email templates for web design services that will double your revenue (1)
Sarah from our team also took some more notes about all the ideas we had so if you’re free sometime next week I’d love to have a chat with you!

Have a lovely day!

(Video) The Best Cold Email Email Template... (Highest Response Rate)

As you can see, on the “big tv” screen goes the screenshot of your prospect’s home page.

You’re probably thinking right now:

How the hell I can go through 200 websites, make screenshots and put them inside every image for every prospect?

The best thing about lemlist is that you actually don’t need to do that! Lemlist will automatically put a screenshot of each website inside every email.

On this way - you’re able to create hyper-personalized emails by using intriguing images that will engage with your cold prospects.

Pretty great, huh?

“This could be your new website” cold email template

I’ve recently found this email template that gave me the inspiration to create one killing cold email template for web design services.

Now to be honest with you - this is a brand new template - so I never tested it.

But following some principles, I’m sure that it will work and skyrocket your client acquisition.

Let’s see it.

Subject line: This could be your new website

Hey {{firstName}},

I know you probably don’t like cold emails, right? So to make this less awkward, here’s a photo of me with the screenshot of your new website:

3 best cold email templates for web design services that will double your revenue (2)
Anyway, this is what we do - we’re creating high-quality websites for other people like you at {{industry}} at a great price.

Our team had a meeting last week (as you can see on the picture above), where we evaluated your current website and wrote down some amazing idea that can make it even better.

(Video) [CASE STUDY] How We Increased Revenue 210% ($300k) with cold email lead generation

Eventually - new website design will improve your conversion rates for at least 10%.

Interesting to hear our feedback about your website? Let’s chat sometime next week.


In this particular example - I’ve used some random web design. But you can definitely use one of your previous. For example, you can use this template, if you promote some design agency services or drag and drop website builder.

You'll also notice that I used the same image as in the first example - but the thing is - you can use whatever image you want. Just grab your mobile and shot a picture of you and your team behind some laptop or TV.

Now, here we have catchy personalization operators:

- {{prospectText}} - this is the part where you write the current header that’s on your prospect’s website. On this way - they will recognize their new “website” faster.
- Logo image on the upper left of design - this is the place where will lemlist automatically put your prospects’ logo.

Essentially - this cold email template for web design might be used when you’re reaching out to people and companies that have bad or “not good enough” web design, and you have new “propositions” for them.

Cold email template for converting website visitors

Your website visitors can be a huge gold mine for new potential clients. In addition, if you integrate various bot types on your website and connect with prospects, the interaction will be more efficient.

The vast majority of people who check your website probably will never come again or buy from.


That’s the moment when this email template becomes handy and useful.

Essentially, by using the mix of Albacross (for identifying companies that are visiting your website), and lemlist (to send cold email campaigns), you will be able to quickly gather a huge list of leads.

(Video) 5 Features of a Great Cold Email - 5 Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Response Rate

Here’s the template:

Subject line: You’ve checked mine so… I’ve checked yours

Bonjour {{firstName}},

My team of robots have alerted me that someone from your team visited our website...

Since every single visitor is important for us, we've decided to check what you're working on... And well... How should I say it... I'll let the photo below speaks for itself

3 best cold email templates for web design services that will double your revenue (3)
Well, you get it... We're a big fan!

I'd love to get on a call with you so we can discuss how we can help each other out!

Could you please give me your two best availabilities?


Bottom line

So, by now, we saw how to write engaging cold emails, and some of the best sales email templates you can use for selling web design services.

BUT, even if you use one of these cold email templates for web design, sometimes you will need to follow up with your prospects. So it’s more than important to learn how to do that.

So, what do you say about these 3 best cold email outreach templates for web design services?

Cool, huh?

Then what are you waiting for?

Grab your free lemlist trial and try them in action!

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Start your free trial


Do cold emails work for web design? ›

If you own a web design company and you're ready to scale, cold email outreach is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. Not everyone who receives your message will be ready to convert on the spot, but the ones that do engage may just end up being some of your best customers down the road.

How do I sell services with a cold email? ›

8 Cold Email Templates That Will Generate Leads for Your Sales Team!
Here are a few tips write your email template for prospecting:
  1. Be original. Don't provide wrong information about anything.
  2. Reveal your location, contact number, and more.
  3. Don't use misleading email subject line.
  4. Show recipients the way to opt-out.
4 Jul 2021

How do you cold email a design job? ›

Keep it short and sweet, just reiterate that you're very interested in the role and give another set of times to see if they can chat with you. You will not hear back from every cold email and that's ok! Just remember to always be friendly, and you'll likely see a result from sending them.

How do you write a good cold email? ›

A Guide to Cold Emailing
  1. Tailor the message to the recipient. You need to do your research. ...
  2. Validate yourself. ...
  3. Alleviate your audience's pain or give them something they want. ...
  4. Keep it short, easy, and actionable. ...
  5. Be appreciative — and a little vulnerable. ...
  6. Finally, don't use a template.
20 Sept 2016

How do freelancers send cold emails? ›

You can start using cold email templates in four simple steps:
  1. Choose a template. Find an existing template designed for freelancers in your field.
  2. Adapt the template. Change the phrasing of the template to specifically discuss your business, experience, and service offerings.
  3. Personalize the template. ...
  4. Send the email.
24 Sept 2022

Is cold emailing effective? ›

The short answer is yes. Cold email marketing, when done effectively, can be a great way for businesses to reach prospects. Users spend a great deal of time sifting through their inbox. This alone is reason enough why business owners should prioritize cold emails.

How do you make a sales email stand out? ›

7 Ways to Make Your Emails Stand Out From the Inbox Clutter
  1. Perfect your subject lines. ...
  2. Make your emails actionable. ...
  3. Be personable. ...
  4. Improve your formatting. ...
  5. Use pictures. ...
  6. Provide incentives. ...
  7. Segment and analyze your emails.

How do you cold email a graphic designer? ›

Here's how to send a freelance design cold email in five simple steps:
  1. Research the potential client or business.
  2. Identify the right person to email.
  3. Create an engaging subject line.
  4. Draft a personalized email.
  5. Follow-up.

How many cold emails does a client need? ›

What Do the Experts Say? "If you're cold-emailing, an average of three sales emails sent over the course of a couple of weeks is usually enough to get a good idea whether a prospect is ever going to be interested in what you're offering. “Any more than that and you'll probably just be wasting your time.

What is cold email example? ›

Cold email is any email sent to a potential client that doesn't have an existing connection to you. Here's a simple way to think about it: If you send someone you've never met an email you found through a publicly available email address, it's cold email.

How long should cold emails be? ›

How long should a cold email be? It should be short, 2-5 sentences of no more than 200 words in total. Data suggests that 50-125 words is the optimal number. That's all you need to spark someone's interest and start a conversation.

How do I write mail to server downtime? ›

Please be advised that there will be scheduled downtime across our network from (date/time) to (date/time). This is because we are performing work on (functions/parts of the network). We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the IT Team at (contact details).

How do you offer a service via email template? ›

Offering services letter template

I am reaching out to you today to discuss [the problem you are solving for the company]. At [your company], we [display of experience], and I would love the opportunity to show you how we can help your business grow by [brief pitch for your product or service].


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